Email Address Munger/Email Address Obfuscator

What is email address munging?

Email address munging is the act of using ASCII, JavaScript, and scrambling of letters in your email address in order to hide your email address from spam bots, spiders, and spoofers. Email address munging is also called email address obfuscating.

Our anti junk email address obfuscator tool protects your email address and helps prevent spam by avoiding spam bots and email address harvesters.

This tool allows you to obfuscate and mask your email address by using ASCII, JavaScript, and/or image links.

If you prefer to use a contact form, you can also click on the right hand side to see our free php contact form generator. The generator requires no real knowledge of how to code using php.

Any useful site needs to have contact information posted, and this has to include either an email address or a contact form. Encoding and obfuscating your email address when you post it on the web is essential if you want to stop spam bots and spiders from continuing to find your email address information and sending it bulk email. A large research study by the Center for Democracy and Technology shows that obfuscating your email address using our address munging tool helps to strongly, successfully, and efficiently avoid junk mail.

You can call it "mung", "munge", "encode", "obfuscate", "mask", "hide", "cloak", or "conceal". Most website owners do not bother to implement any of this, but definitely should. Anyone with an inbox full of spam will tell you that it is essential.

Thanks for visiting us, and thanks for making us one of the most popular and most trusted anti spam and spam prevention sites on the web.


Plain Email Link Copy everything in this first text area and paste it after the <head> tag:

Copy everything in this second text area and paste it where you want to insert your email address. This is your email address:
Customized Display
Image Link
Add descriptive comment tag.
Munge text but do not create link.
Open a new window showing me what my link looks like.

Advanced Options:
Nonessential. See instructions for explanation.

Style, Class, and ID:

ASCII Munge (Simple)
JavaScript Munge (Advanced, almost)


  1. If you want your obfuscated link to display your email address (instead of something like "contact us") click on the "Plain Email Link" button to the left. The link will look like your@email.address.

    If you want your obfuscated link to say something like "email me" or "contact us", click on the "Customized Display" button to the left. The link will look like your customized link.

    If you want to display an image email link, click on the "Image Link" button to the left, and enter your email address and image URL.

  2. Check the "Add descriptive comment tag" box if you would like to add an invisible comment tag to your link. If you use the descriptive tags, you can modify them as you wish. We advise using these so that you can remember what a link says one year from now.
  3. Check the "Munge text but do not create link" box if you do not want your email address to be clickable. Use this option as well if you want to obfuscate something other than an email address.
  4. Check the "Open a new window showing me what my link looks like" box if you want a window to come up comparing what the link looks like to you versus what the link may like to a spam bot.
  5. If you want to add advanced options to the link like a cc:, bcc:, title, or pre-written body, you can fill them into the "Advanced Options" box. Otherwise, leave the box as is or leave it blank because it is an unnecessary step. If you want to know how the mailto syntax in the advanced options works, read the Mailto Syntax Tutorial.
  6. If you want to add a style, class, or id to the link, type them into the "Style, Class, and ID" box. You can leave this option as is or delete the text in the box without affecting the link performance.
  7. Choose either the ASCII Munge or JavaScript Munge option. Either option will protect your email address well, but the JavaScript option is considered better.

    For advanced users: If you choose the JavaScript Munge option is chosen, instead of copying everything in the first text area and pasting it to the top of your page, you can create a separate JavaScript file and paste the code there. Most spam bots and spiders will never download a JavaScript file, adding another layer of protection to your email address.

  8. Click on the button to munge your link, and follow the instructions above the two text boxes.
  9. To add another encoded email address, just repeat the procedure from step 1.
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